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[AUDCST066] Yosoyunotrotu - Supranaturalis

[AUDCST066] Yosoyunotrotu - Supranaturalis

Catalog: AUDCST066
Format: MP3 320 kbps
Released: 31.05.2012
Styles: Ambient Atmospheric Improvisation

01. Yosoyunotrotu - Virudent Omnes
02. Yosoyunotrotu - Premonition
03. Yosoyunotrotu - Doppelganger
04. Yosoyunotrotu - Telepathy
05. Yosoyunotrotu - Out Of Body Experience
06. Yosoyunotrotu - Time Shift
07. Yosoyunotrotu - Bilocation

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yosoyunotrotu new effort is a collaboration of three artists: quetzal contla |mexico| & krzysztof polaczenko |poland| & manuel escamilla |mexico|. this time project was inspired by the supernatural, strange activities of world and human. again music was made by showing no boundaries. every track is a story with different mood and genere. concept of each song was modified by all project members, trio fully worked on a whole album. we hope to invite more and more artists to next project works.


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