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[AE054] Elektrikall - My Soul Is Dark

[AE054] Elektrikall - My Soul Is Dark

Label: Audioexit
Catalog: AE054
Format: MP3 320 kbps
Released: March 2012
Styles: Techno
Size: 60.5 MB

1. Energial Disipadas 5:46
2. Demencia Senil 5:44
3. Family & Friends 5:44
4. Radiactive 5:44

Source's preview
Back to Spain! Audiexit's new release comes from the mighty Spanish techno scene, directly from Toledo: Elektrikall. We cannot write any negative critic. Massive basslines, rich rhythms, mellow tracks, offbeat, elements which are usual from that scene. If Elektrikall's tracks have been played until now, we are sure, that these tracks will also be the parts of dj sets and radio podcasts as well. Bruno Plaza is the name behind the pseudonym ELEKTRIKALL, dj and producer, born in 83, began play in 2003, influenced by industrial hardtechno those marked by dark atmospheres and intriguing mix of artists, such Exium, Reeko, Bas Mooy, Christian Wunsch, Radial, The Advent, Varela and a long list ... He has played with artists like Ben Sims, Paul Mac, Du'Art, Dejan Milicevic, Dj Bold, OBI, Pet Duo, Nuke, Ivan Devero... His tracks have been released on labels like Naked Lunch (A.Paul Property), GSoft Recording (owned by Greg Nothill) and Ak Recording (Property of Alexey Kotlyar) among others. Now he arrived at Audioexit, welcome!


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