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[brq80] Landschall - Cake and communism

[brq80] Landschall - Cake and communism

Label: Broque
Catalog: brq80
Released: February 2012
Styles: House Techno

robotic sex on mars does not taste like sweet summer strawberries
anas penelope
dein gesicht
seamless rolled

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The musical history of Andr Noller, better known as Landschall, dates back far into his past. His childhood sensations when listening to a clock radio while lying in bed with mum and dad left very deep impressions, as did initial pubertal steps as member of a rock band or his early enthusiasm for Fruity Loops and the like. Obviously, a lot of time has passed since then. But Andr’s excitement didn’t change at all. And that is hard to miss, particularly when listening to his latest EP on Broque, which sparkles with energy, verve and enthusiasm. Five brand-new and jamming tracks on “Cake & Communism” tell a virtuoso story of house and techno which wins over the hearts and minds of all listeners. With the bleepy yet twinkle-toed “Dein Gesicht” (featuring Andr’s very own voice) and the funky dubs of “Seamless Rolled”, the EP even has two true and unforgettable floor fillers in store. The same amount of commitment and honest passion led to the filter inferno “Anas Penelope”, a futuristic Detroit reminiscence (“Robotic Sex…”) and the hook lines of “Silverreuter” which are as simple as they are effective. Thank you so much Andr, Broque could not be any more grateful!

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