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[GCAF042] Impulse of Creation - The Dance of Yagal'

[GCAF042] Impulse of Creation - The Dance of Yagal'

Label: Groovecaffe
Catalog: GCAF042
Released: 21.06.2012
Styles: Experimental IDM
Total time: 29:04
Size: 71,1 MB

01. Impulse of Creation - The D@nce Of Yagal' 4:43
02. Impulse of Creation - Anything Except A Sound 4:30
03. Impulse of Creation - Mutekki 4:04
04. Impulse of Creation - First Wave 2:51
05. Impulse of Creation - Alien Symphony 2:58
06. Impulse of Creation - Cosmic Way 5:20
07. Impulse of Creation - Impulse One 4:38

Source's preview
Remarkable debut conceptual album comes from talented Moscow born artist, nattily called "The Dance of Yagal '„. Album consists of “heavy “assembly electronic parts, taking phrases and pick-ups from the intelligent dance music, merging it to a new soup.
But its true meaning expressed in the everyday environment, transcending our accelerated pace of life in the river of randomly floating fragments and densely flavoured moods, dancing and squirming ; to create our own binary "soundtrack" for life.

With a touch of the experiment in its essence and unconventional approach to musical arrangements, album is uncompromising look how we easily give up on finding a new musical experience. As you will approach end of the album, more you will think that Alexander's experiment succeeded, leaving you with a sense of freshness and spontaneity. Happy listening!!!


24.06.2012 12:59
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