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Bjorn Rohde - 19th Studio Podcast 12

Bjorn Rohde - 19th Studio Podcast 12

Label: 19th Studio
Released: 07.06.2012
Styles: Dub-Techno Podcast
Total time: 01:09:23
Size: 160.5 MB

01. Zwischenwelt - Matthias Springer
02. Birds Over Hong Kong_Marko (Furstenbergs The Peak Remix) - Insect O. , Marko Furstenberg
03. mouche - youANDme
04. When the Night Fall featuring Ivan Bert- Federico Gandin
05. Rocas - Satore
06. Tataa - David Alvarado
07. Wind (Harry Hearing Remix) - Harry Hearing, eSWuA
08. Lines (Sonitus Eco remix) - Subforms
09. Motion - Fluxion
10. What's your sleeper - Gabriel Le Mar

Source's preview
June kicks off with another podcast from the 19th Spaceship. This time the general is the mighty BJORN ROHDE. From to trough, his work experience is just to vast to describe here. He has released on Drum Loop Digital and on his own imprint Multi-tap Records. His tracks are a regular presence on the 19th Studio Podcast series. Be ready for the high velocity journey:


24.06.2012 09:43
Замечательный подкаст. Качать всем, кто любит даб.
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