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[45E-009-2012] Mister Vapor and Kecap Tuyul - Songs That The Stones Taught Us

[45E-009-2012] Mister Vapor and Kecap Tuyul - Songs That The Stones Taught Us

Catalog: 45E-009-2012
Format: MP3 320 kbps
Released: 02.06.2012
Styles: Ambient Drone
Size: 279.4 MB

1. Still Strength To Wonder (4:52)
2. Giving Utterance (10:14)
3. The Agony Is Buried (11:34)
4. A Path That Leads Beyond (15:02)

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Songs That The Stones Taught Us - Release Notes:
For this album Mister Vapor used only the prepared guitar sounds of Kecap Tuyul, that were mostly recorded in 2011-2012, and also old unpublished material (featuring Kecap Siveli on trumpet), recorded live on tape in 1995 (used in the 1st track).

While Kecap Tuyul didn't recognize anything of his original sounds after the heavy electronic treatments of Mister Vapor, he found that these new tracks were 'ambient songs' that sound like the distant but haunting music he hears in his his head sometimes - without being able to catch or play it". -- Kecap Tuyul, 2012


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