Techno-Релизы    2012    July
[cl-043] Monoiz - Multiplied Phoneme

[cl-043] Monoiz - Multiplied Phoneme

Label: Crazy Language
Catalog: cl-043
Released: July 2012
Styles: Electronic Experimental IDM
Total time: 30:38

1. Monoiz - Multi_00
2. Monoiz - Multi_Fractal
3. Monoiz - Multi_ENFX
4. Monoiz - Multi_Micron
5. Monoiz - Multi_Scape
6. Monoiz - Multi_Flame
7. Monoiz - Multi_Pandom
8. Monoiz - Multi_Rhythm
9. Monoiz - Multi_01

Source's preview
Following the Italian trend of the last Crazy-Language release, another gem all the way from Italy under the name Monoiz. Retaining a clear Raster Noton influence on his first incursion through the realms of digital free albums, Multiplied Phoneme doesnt just provide the clickies and the static. The surprise comes from when haunting pads wash the noise away, giving room for some heart on the desolate and mechanical pulses, capable of melting the coldest of ices. Also present on a couple of tunes, are some rather satisfying dub soundscapes, lifting your body from wherever you are, to just move and feel it on a whole different level. A consistent but varied ride from start to finish and a welcome addition to the already varied sound palette of Crazy-Language. (F.G.)

10.07.2012 12:51
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