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[phoke83] Cyclotron - Post Modern

[phoke83] Cyclotron - Post Modern

Label: Phonocake
Catalog: phoke83
Format: MP3 320 kbps
Released: 06.07.2012
Styles: Electronic
Total time: 24:15
Size: 45.47 MB

Space Adventures (3:33)
Shft Bit (1:41)
Fragment Mnd (2:49)
Blib Vs. Cubus (5:10)
Dream Of Hal (2:08)
Unitled (1:52)
Receaver (Apollo Bend) (3:16)
Moraene (3:37)

Source's preview
What astronauts really do in the Spacestation! ; )

We are close to private spaceships in space. This is the soundtrack of their creation.

Cyclotron is back. We must confess: It's his stuff from 2008 and 2009... we didn't make it earlier. But you know about relativity in time and space? : ) But most of the tracks were recorded live, so you can possibly re-feel that live moment.

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