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[ah044] The Cherry Blues Project - Antarctica

[ah044] The Cherry Blues Project - Antarctica

Label: Archaic Horizon
Catalog: ah044
Released: July 2012
Styles: Ambient Field recordings

1. Antarctica
2. Dark Day
3. Room 134
4. Proceso Entropico
5. 50 mg
6. Figura Tres
7. Water Rays
8. Reprise
9. Ambient Sun (Ridiculous Resonance Mix)

Source's preview
The Cherry Blues Project was formed in July 2001 by "Blues". His first recordings came from radio waves and were captured on tape. He found some preachers on the radio and they got mixed with another station that was playing jazz. He thought it would be interesting to record that, and then devised ways to use the sounds. Blues played the tapes to "Cherry", his cousin. They immediately decided to do something about it, and TCBP was born.

Their name borrows words from several artists: "Cherry" is from Warrant's "Cherry Pie"; "Project" came from The Alan Parsons Project; and "Blues" is from a Manu Chao song.

TCBP's first recordings formed a trilogy of albums, Nmero A, Nmero B and Nmero C. They were compiled on the same weekend. Preachers, masses, news, and sports were mixed with jazz and old recordings.

The first concept album came a few months later. Blues had the idea to make a journey by train and record it, capturing all the incidental sounds. The album was called "El Viaje" ("The Journey").

TCBP made its first public releases in 2007, when the El Viaje project was revisited—see El Viaje Revisited Vol. 1 and El Viaje Revisited Vol. 2. The album attracted the interest of some netlabels, and the recordings were released on twin CDs. The album was later remixed by several artists, resulting in El Viaje Remixed.

From that moment, TCBP started to view their music in a different way. Their albums are now radically different. They found their own style, going from minimal electronica to dark ambient; everything mixed with incidental sounds and field recordings.

ANTARCTICA is their latest album. It was recorded between March and May 2012, and was largely influenced by the unusually cold autumn. It originated from Cherry's remixes of work from an old album, Ultra rare tracks. They started to throw old recordings, dark ambiences and field recordings into the mix, and the result is very different to their previous album, Dead Hours. All songs fade into each other, creating a continuous 57-minute journey through cold and dark ambiences.

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