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[RTSW33] Oliver Rosemann - Mar Tirreno EP

[RTSW33] Oliver Rosemann - Mar Tirreno EP

Catalog: RTSW33
Released: 12.01.2012
Styles: Experimental Techno

1. Oliver Rosemann – Pencil [5:33]
2. Oliver Rosemann – Endlich [5:04]
3. Oliver Rosemann – The Social Fat Kirk [5:37]
4. Oliver Rosemann – KO Super Trooper [6:06]

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Are you ready for strong German techno in it’s best traditions? Here it is! The loud and bright debut of Oliver Rosemann on Russian Techno. The EP called ‘Mar Tirreno’ consists of 4 tracks of 100% massive and dirty beats. Classic techno sounds which roots dig deeper into 90s, with essential experimental seeds. What a recipe for a true techno lover! Enjoy the straight-forward vibe of ‘Pencil’, feel the Brighton, hardcore-ish influence of ‘Endlich’, dance to the devastating structures of ‘The Social Fat Kirk’, and have some thoughtful rest with the downbeats and apocalyptic feel of ‘KO Super Trooper’. Thank you for the inspiration, Oliver, and welcome to the Russian Techno family! This release is free, get it in desired format.


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