Techno-Релизы    2012    January
[Ear076] Selected tracks volume seven

[Ear076] Selected tracks volume seven

Catalog: Ear076
Released: January 2012
Styles: Ambient-Techno

Zymosis Original mix
Aeki NordWest
just the way it is
2015 The drug music

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This is already the 7th EAR selected tracks. The first track from Pit is a really dark minimal techno track with weird sounds and strings danceable rhythms. The second is from Aeki Nord is a dark techhouse track with many tribal influences. The third from Maas is a really beautiful ambient track with a nice dark atmosphere. Dark strings, weird sounds and some voices with a very relaxing breakbeat. The last track is from Rasmus Jacobsen. It’s a very danceable track with some underground trance infleunces. With many voices and some psy-trance influences makes this last one a very remarkable release. Enjoy this release.


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05.02.2012 02:54
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