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[AUDCST060] Kifthi Graszner - Der frhe Vogel kann mich mal

[AUDCST060] Kifthi Graszner - Der frhe Vogel kann mich mal

Catalog: AUDCST060
Released: 04.01.2012
Styles: Electronic
Size: 102 MB

01 – Kifthi Graner – First Things
02 – Kifthi Graner – Clabautermannen
03 – Kifthi Graner – Deep House Violine
04 – Kifthi Graner – Kifthi`s Granaja
05 – Kifthi Graner – Kifthi Graners flying High on Chair Witch Project
06 – Kifthi Graner – Hey DJ
07 – Kifthi Graner – Without You

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Even though kifthi is more well known as a writer (poet) of different kind of lyrics, you could say that he has also some artistic musical abbilties.
His debut album – now released by Audiocast Productions – will demonstrate his talent.
Each track describes his feelings (admiration, love, affection and faith)
These feelings are packed in his tracks and he wants to share every single track with the most important audience –> YOU
and hopes you’ll enjoy listening as much as he enjoyed creating.


08.01.2012 18:07
Клевое и позитивное звучание
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