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[mK48] Alicia Hush - Sideline Sally EP

[mK48] Alicia Hush - Sideline Sally EP

Catalog: mK48
Format: MP3 320 kbps
Released: 29.12.2011
Styles: Minimal-Techno
Size: 135.8 MB

1. Back Nine Betty
2. Sideline Sally
3. Back Nine Betty (As We Said Remix)
4. Sideline Sally (Zaid Edghaim Kinect Remix)
5. Sideline Sally (Myniciush Remix)
6. Sideline Sally (Sander Cast Remix)
7. Back Nine Betty (Samwel Remix)
8. Back Nine Betty (Bobo Lo's underground wonderland workshop remix)

Source's preview
A superb new EP from Toronto based DJ and producer Alicia Hush, a lively and bold artist, exploring the contemporary through her extraordinary minimal tunes, which are at once personal and out of this dimension, each eccentric from the true deep and dark to the silly and carefree. Every time, a different walk, another intriguing glimpse, another urban wonderland. This time Alicia is joined by 6 good friends to dress her figurative characters 'Back Nine Betty' and 'Sideline Sally' as they see fit. As We Said, Bobo Lo, Sander Cast, Zaid Edghaim, Myniciush, and Samwel. Walk with us, and wonder.

12.07.2012 01:26
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