Techno-Релизы    2012    February
[SLNT035] Nulix - Soundgazing

[SLNT035] Nulix - Soundgazing

Catalog: SLNT035
Format: MP3 320 kbps
Released: February 2012
Styles: Ambient Electronic
Total time: 35:57

1. Timespout [07:00]
2. Smashed Marbles [03:27]
3. Steal the Night [07:51]
4. Scarlet Twilight [06:42]
5. Tectonic Eyes [10:57]

Source's preview
Release shaped deeply personal musical exploration; the end result is recorded on this album. Using the new workflow and record sound base is tailored from carefully recorded outside shots elements, combined with a sound analogy, the sound that comes out of the primordial darkness, devoid of earthly laws, sound ribbed electronic shamanism with massive sound spaces filled with pulsating rhythmic waves. Album smooth and warm furnishings are still somewhat more ambiguous, leaving listeners a room to find theirs version of the journey through sinister and mysterious world of recorded sounds.


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