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[blpsq018] Myniciush - Los Cucos Curtidos

[blpsq018] Myniciush - Los Cucos Curtidos

Catalog: blpsq018
Format: MP3 320 kbps
Released: February 2012
Styles: Downtempo Experimental Glitch IDM Techno
Size: 158.4 MB

Los Cucos Curtidos
Retrato de un Estafermo
Las Botas de las Siete Lenguas
Los Cucos Curtidos (Andres Marcos Crossing the Woods Remix)
Retrato de un Estafermo (m_Patcher Edit)
Las Botas de las Siete Lenguas (Bobo Lo At Nature's Will Remix)
Los Cucos Curtidos (Ingemar Stalholm Remix)

Bonus Material - ambient collage by Revy

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Bleepsequence is happy to welcome Myniciush to the fold, who are quickly building a reputation for themselves in the netaudio world with their take on unconventional downtempo techno. Their three pieces here for Los Cucos Curtidos definitely take their time to generate a head space, and proceed to immerse the listener into some kind of dark and devious coffee house where the barista might have slipped something into your espresso. Some of our blpsq regulars popped in for a drink as well, along with a first time visit from m_Patcher (aka booPhases), and all of them bring their own unique blends to round out the release.


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