Techno-Релизы    2012    December
[miniatura066] Grau AKA Clandestine - Look back and go forth

[miniatura066] Grau AKA Clandestine - Look back and go forth

Catalog: miniatura066
Released: December 2012
Styles: Deep-House

Look back to go forth

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This time is some time for myself, Hernan Grau, Miniatura Records founder, musically known as Grau or Clandestine. Look back to go forth represent some braking point in my life. It means that every once in a while you got to sum up and move forward.
And that's what i did,this ain't new tracks, for some uncertain reasons this tracks started from 1 to 3 years ago, but i had to get them done to move forward in every sense. Deep dark vibes along with valuable vocals is what you can find in this album, and of course a brainkiller track. Hope everyone enjoys it. Marry Xmas to all.


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