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[rwclass005] Dan Hiroshi - Okari

[rwclass005] Dan Hiroshi - Okari

Label: Rawmatroid
Catalog: rwclass005
Released: 19.12.2012
Styles: Chillout Electronic

  1. The strange boy (antiacustic mix)
  2. Sutil respirar
  3. 80s music stars
  4. Lideres
  5. Mind repositories
  6. In the other side
  7. Stanza
  8. 1997
  9. 2 years
  10. Amelia

Source's preview
4 and a half years after Oplus2, Dan Hiroshi give us his second album: Okari. This time we find a very personal record, the result of 6 years of intermittent production where the artist process his experiences and trips in a mix of half-tempo rhythms and bright pads.

Unlike 4years ago, here there isn’t a global concept that leads the album, rather it is a collection of moments and sounds, without further order as their own experiences.

Okari has bases, complex textures and crystalline synths. As a new feature compared to previous works, we find electric guitars, which unintentionally flirt with electronic pop to which the artist will come in his next works.

Among the emotions that can be found on this album are death, love, maturity and even the individual fullness. 10 short stories in 40 minutes of relaxing music to listen and let yourself go.

This album is dedicated to Amelia, whose love will live forever in the hearts of her family.


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