Techno-Релизы    2012    December
[SE046] Pedro Helvete - Void

[SE046] Pedro Helvete - Void

Catalog: SE046
Released: December 2012
Styles: Ambient Electronic IDM Techno

01. V0rt3x
02. Submarino
03. Void
04. 0bl1v10n
05. 1980Summer

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His works were influenced by and also created in ambient-downtempo style, but the new products contain soundbits from various styles. He tries to mix the musical taste he likes, and create fresh soundings, compose new panels. Combined by these soundbits he introduces the audience a new exciting world of music.

Among his influences we can find polish jazz music from the 60-70s, scenes from the past century’s italian horror movies and giallos, ambient, minimal techno, and also trip-hop.


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