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[bsc_28] Fischerle - Delayed Childhood

[bsc_28] Fischerle - Delayed Childhood

Label: Basic Sounds
Catalog: bsc_28
Format: MP3 320 kbps
Released: December 2012
Styles: Ambient Dub-Techno

Index Of Clouds
The Mote Hunted Down In Telegraph Hill, San Francisco

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Polish sound artist Fischerle (aka Mateusz Wysocki) primarily known for his dub techno explorations demonstrates his mastery as a producer, by delivering two exquisite but completely differ genres incorporating the same warm evolving beauty. Fischerle has appeared on such labels as, Qunabu, Instabil, Minicromusic, Ghostmental, Entropy and runs his own successful netlabel Pawlacz Perski Tapes.

His basic_sounds release Delayed Childhood opens with “Index of Clouds” a drifting dub track with warm soothing waves layered with clean clicks and crackles for a deep tranquil organic dub journey. “The Mote Hunted Down In Telegraph Hill, San Francisco” is a beautiful eighteen-minute gentle ambient soundscape with perfected looping washes and delicate sparse percussion drones for a really lovely calming peaceful meditation. Overall a sublime and gorgeous release.


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