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[CFM041] Louigi Verona - 15 Orbs of Votsor Soundtrack

[CFM041] Louigi Verona - 15 Orbs of Votsor Soundtrack

Catalog: CFM041
Released: 31.08.2012
Styles: Ambient IDM Tech-House
Size: 62.0 MB

  1. Votsor
  2. Corridors of Votsor
  3. Nebula
  4. On Track
  5. Walk Bot
  6. Mysterious Ground
  7. Strange Loop
  8. Circle of Light
  9. Abundance of Choice
  10. The Wanderer
  11. Orbs
  12. Confusion
  13. Walking in Circles
  14. Game Over

Source's preview
Louigi Verona brings us the soundtrack to his maze game 15 Orbs of Votsor. This time around its a different sounding release than he's done with us in the past. He fuses his dronescape sound and atmosphere into Ambient Techno and at times dubby Ambient Techno and smooth IDM. There are a couple of straight up Ambient tracks, but most of it is Dronescape atmosphere with flowing basslines and Ambient Techno grooves. While the sound is different, this is a high quality release from Louigi.


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