Techno-Релизы    2012    August
[SP14] Stiver - Shine

[SP14] Stiver - Shine

Catalog: SP14
Released: 26.08.2012
Styles: Dubstep

01 - Disappointment
02 - Even If
03 - It's similar they say..
04 - Shine

Source's preview
SP14 marks Stiver's first release on Istanbul's Sublime Porte after well received previous releases on Square Harmony alongside fellow Istanbul artist and collaborator Gantz. Encapsulating a heady mix of low slung bass, ominous vibes and fractured beats, Stiver is an artist fast rising to the heights allowed to him by his stark, powerful production skills.
Flickering open a portal into his world effortlessly with the sombre swells of Disappointment, the young artists vision instantly comes across as a consistent and powerful expression of emotions fused with forward thinking ideas. The scuttling textures and almost invisible yet ever present vocal samples of Even If effortlessly make way to the circular geometries of It's similar they say.. with rhythms that morph and merge with one and other, taking the listener on a sonic adventure before landing fittingly on the glorious Shine, a beautiful stellar beacon of a tune that glows and shimmers much like the lights reflected on the Bosphorus. An essential release by Stiver, exploring both familiar and unfamiliar territories with a sharp eye for detail and a deep knowledge of the relation between sound and emotion.


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