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[blpsq026] Shunsuke Akimoto - Astronomical Synchronome

[blpsq026] Shunsuke Akimoto - Astronomical Synchronome

Catalog: blpsq026
Format: MP3 320 kbps
Released: August 2012
Styles: Minimal Techno
Size: 124 MB

Astronomical Synchronome
Ensemble (Jay Phonic's Nejireta Edit)
Reverse Time
Face Hands
Face Hands (Revy's Buripushikuensu Reconstruction)

Source's preview
As you barrel down the subway tunnels of your subconscious, you can't help but ponder the dualistic natures of reality. Shunsuke's contribution to the growing data supplies of bleepsequence provide a visceral accompaniment to such deep thoughts. This two sided release ranges in feelings from peacefully meditative and sublime, to downright frightening and disorienting.


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