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[rwclass004] Kebiin - Lonely return from nowhere

[rwclass004] Kebiin - Lonely return from nowhere

Label: Rawmatroid
Catalog: rwclass004
Released: 25.04.2012
Styles: Ambient Electronic

K-100 (Welcome To My Strange World Remake)
Phobos (Surrounding By Atmospheres Remake)
Isolation (Come If You Want Something Remake)
The Border Line (A Very Thin Line Remake)
Knowledge (Beat Em Up Version)
Water (Do What You Want To Do Remake)
Get In The Mood (Beat Em Up Version)
Bleeding Tears (Heal Yourself Remake)

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“Lonely voyage to nowhere” was our 3th release in Rawmatroid Class sublabel, an album produced by Kebiin that brought us to far atmospheres and places. An experimental trip in search of sounds and textures that say goodbye with “Bleeding Tears“, leaving the sensation of “to be continued?” in the air.

“Lonely return from nowhere” is the return from that sensorial trip through sounds, a reinterpretation by Kebiin of his own work where the producer adds new ideas and experiences going back retracing his own steps in the returning way. The sparkles of light, the darkness, the strange and the beautiful are mixed in Kebiin language in this 4th reference of Rawmatroid Class.


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Lonely voyage to nowhere
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