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[BFW172] Various Artists - Album In A Day volume 4 - 7 April 2012

[BFW172] Various Artists - Album In A Day volume 4 - 7 April 2012

Catalog: BFW172
Format: MP3 320 kbps
Released: 07.04.2012
Styles: Ambient Electronic Experimental New Age Compilation
Total time: 01:27:30
Size: 164 MB

Hospital - Fiona
Piotro - twentysix
The Lovely Moon - Summer Breeze
Cousin Silas - SciFi Dub
The Death Bazooka - Goddam Unity
Rogue Spore - Salmiakki
dmyra - Practical Dillusion
Atlantic Drop - stra
SineRider - The Day That Never Came
Poodleplay Arkestra - Metal For Blue Sky Thinkers
MagicVan - Journey of The Star Harvester
piper_ben - Song from Scratch
riverrun - Gethsemane
Cousin Silas - The Modesty Of Realism
Bing Satellites - Marshmallow Clouds [watch the video]
Dan Mioza - Is There Tea On This Spaceship? (4 Hellbo)
Eko_Fisk - Beyond The Dunes
Cousin Silas - Hot Weather

Source's preview
On Saturday, 7th April 2012, musicians around the world each wrote and recorded a complete new song, from scratch in one day - all on the same day!
The next day, these songs were collected and put together as this album.
The day after that, the album was released as a free download!
After the success of Album In A Day volumes 1-3, we had to do this all over again. The enthusiastic response from listeners and everyone involved is fantastic.
Remember, none of the music on this album existed before Saturday 7th April 2012.
A big thank you to everyone who took part and to those who wanted to but couldn't.
Enjoy, the album. Share it with your friends in the knowledge that we will be doing this all over again later in the year!


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