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[brq81] Idealist - Defective Units

[brq81] Idealist - Defective Units

Label: Broque
Catalog: brq81
Released: 01.04.2012
Styles: Acid Dub House Techno

defective unit I
defective unit II
bad times
defective unit III

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Being an idealist is noble and deserves endorsement. That is exactly the belief of our Zurich-based artist Bernhard Gietz (better known as “Berni”), who releases wonderful tracks in between dub techno and house under this moniker (“Idealist”) since a few years on labels such as Deep In Dub or Dreiton. His latest release on Broque, the Defective Units EP, is dedicated to the little flaws, imperfections and surprises one has to face when working with analogue devices such as the ones from the Roland TB family. What leads us to another one of Berni’s big and longstanding passions: Acid. However, Berni’s tracks are far from culminating into wild 303-infernos, but embed acid lines in a very elegant manner into floating dub techno grooves. While some tracks lean more towards their Basic Channel roots, others embrace warm Detroit techno soul, but they always manage to nonchalantly close the gap between contemporary club standards and the retrospective view into dub techno history. In between these explorations, Idealist also sneaked in “Bad Times”, a true hymn made of deep after hour nu-disco sounds together with heartwarming and shyly filtered hooklines, which provides the perfect soundtrack for welcoming the sunrise after a good night out. Who would have thought that the courage to embracing imperfectionism could lead to such a perfect release?

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