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[podcast - 034] Mark Hjorthoy - Tranzmitter Netlabel Series

[podcast - 034] Mark Hjorthoy - Tranzmitter Netlabel Series

Label: Tranzmitter
Catalog: podcast - 034
Released: 01.04.2012
Styles: Deep-House Dub-Techno Minimal Podcast
Total time: 59:32
Size: 137.1 MB

01. Ingemar Stalholm - Javelin (The Automatic Message remix) (Bleepsequence)
02. Slownoise - Furtsy (Cold Tear)
03. Lars Leonard - Prismatic Colors (Deepindub)
04. Loose End & Alexander Boyko - French Evening (Melodica)
05. Adam Brass - District 19 (Tranzmitter)
06. Damolh33 - Next Time (Beatmind)
07. Fabio Scalabroni - Rainfloor (Retrospective Zoology)
08. Giriu Dvasios - Kur Veda Misko Takai (Retrospective Zoology)
09. Rodrigo Soria - Stretching (Tranzmitter)

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A musician/producer/remixer/etc. from Vancouver, B.C. Canada,I make music with my beautiful wife Lara, and MC Levvel (Good Natured Threat), and on my own (SoftClip / alaughingcircuit). Hope you all enjoy the ride. Currently working on the new Good Natured Threat and SoftClip release. By the way,.. most of the artwork you see is by Lara Hjorthoy. Since I have been asked to put together radio shows, this is where I'm going to keep them.


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