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[Elpa74] Diarmo - Fallen Sun EP

[Elpa74] Diarmo - Fallen Sun EP

Label: Elpamusic
Catalog: Elpa74
Released: 24.09.2011
Styles: Ambient Drone Electronic
Size: 62.6 MB

1. Waltz (4:06)
2. AroundToYou (4:10)
3. AnyWays (4:27)
4. The Last Dance (3:43)
5. I like your T-shirt (4:53)
6. wAop (4:33)

Source's preview
Diarmo is the solo project of Diarmuid Slattery, a sound designer and musician combing definite traces of drone, ambient, glitch and melancholic, incorporating bent electronics, glitchy re-recorded audio, along with intricate rhythmic programming. Taking influences from a wide range of styles, influenced heavily by early 90's.
Diarmo DJ's and produces many styles of electronic music under his own name and under separate collaborations called Monosum, Samas, _double_d_.
Diarmo released his first tracks on the Samas EP. He has since gone on to release a second six track EP, Circadian, also having tracks appear on a few compilations worldwide.
Recent activities include collaborating on material with Tokyo musician Kuroi Mori, for Kurois forth-coming album released early 2011 and also creating sound designs for visual art, for artists Istvan Laszlo, Sonny sanjay Vadgama. 2010, his first full album release "I am a visitor here" on A Future Without records.
Diarmo works tutoring Music production and creative media production in London Diarmo also started and ran Departures247, a touring collaboration of audio and visual artists from around Europe.

Diarmo Run's Basilar Records, started in 2011.
Labels: A Future Without, Subvariant, Wavemaster.


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