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Kingstux  - Flux Nebulae Mix
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Kingstux - Flux Nebulae Mix

Label: Planet Terror Records
Released: September 2011
Styles: Electronic IDM Dubstep Techno Mix
Size: 108.68 MB

Kingstux - Aftermath
Kingstux - Flex Nebulae
Kingstux - DDDD
Kingstux - Pritt Bat
Kingstux - Bath Bulb
Kingstux - BbitO1
Kingstux - Noquate
Kingstux - BO03-01
Kingstux - Exe
Kingstux - Mekitburn Themesong
Kingstux - Squares
Kingstux - First Serve
Kingstux - Geeks & Parasites
Kingstux - Princess Incest
Kingstux - Ep?gum
Kingstux - Queen Qlockx
Kingstux - Tetris Trance

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A live set performed by Kingstux ahead of the release of two new EPs on Planet Terror and Xtraplex later this year. A sound college is crafted with old samples and manipulated on-the-fly using Ableton, offering a selection of recuts, edits and adapted versions.


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