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[LBN011] Adriano Orru  - Hesperos

[LBN011] Adriano Orru - Hesperos

Label: La bel netlabel
Catalog: LBN011
Format: MP3 320kb/s
Released: September 2011
Styles: Acoustic Experimental
Size: 82.2 MB

Adriano Orr – Whales
Adriano Orr – A sa muda
Adriano Orr – Hsperos
Adriano Orr – DEbEF
Adriano Orr – Halys
Adriano Orr – Cosmogonia semplice

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“Hsperos” is a work based on simplicity. A musician and his instrument.
Some other small objects: marbles balls, pins, beaters…
Six tracks that have in common the fact of starting from the simplest thing in an instrument like the double bass: the sound of a open string. This element is the ‘basic foundation’ from which it develops that small or big world of sounds which is a music piece. Many simple pieces can give life to something complex. Just like in nature.


24.12.2011 14:52
Just what the doctor oderred, thankity you!
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