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[S27-081] Dissolved  - Vaporous Weeks

[S27-081] Dissolved - Vaporous Weeks

Label: Section 27
Catalog: S27-081
Format: 320Kbps MP3
Released: September 2011
Styles: Ambient Electronic Experimental Industrial
Size: 156.0 MB

01. LCD Eyes
02. Her promise of Platinum Chloride got me through these dark months
03. Star Sign Extraction Mine
04. Centrifuge Coma
05. Vials of Fractal
06. Keep Your vapour
07. Soledad is the Lithograph Surgeon
08. Transposing Spirits on Station Amber
09. The buzzing of Scissors
10. Nightjar Medusa
11. Afraid like a Halo
12. The Spilling Reef

Source's preview
Brand new release for Section 27 from Scottish / Canadian resident Dissolved, this collection brings together music handpicked from four Dissolved EP's that were originally recorded for the ambitious "Project 168", a unique online project that ran for almost 4 years in which the artist had only 7 days to record an EP and submit it. This particular set of music handpicked by Dissolved best represents the impressive quality of these creations.
If you're familiar with his work (see the previous release with Trills, "PH:14" or his prolific back catalogue for reference) then you know already what to expect, timestretched tape loops, twisted and bent melodies from the depths, stomping industrial beats, scratchy EVP and found samples all riding a psychedelic wave. Sadly as we write it appears "Project 168" is no more so we're very proud to bring this collection to those who may have missed it first time around.


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