Techno-Релизы    2011    September
[NS037] Grids/Units/Planes - Her Sound Became my Prayer

[NS037] Grids/Units/Planes - Her Sound Became my Prayer

Label: No Source Netlabel
Catalog: NS037
Released: September 2011
Styles: Electronic IDM
Size: 38.0 MB

01) Her Sound Became my Prayer
02) Kaleidoscopes and Cathedrals
03) Like Sparks
04) Lights in Mist
05) Monorail Escape Sequence

Source's preview
Grids/Units/Planes is Andrew Foley of Brisbane, Australia. His slick, unique production style forges a brilliant mix of IDM and electronic shoegaze. Only five tracks deep, this album visits a multitude of textures. The title track combines elements of M83 and Album Leaf with spoken word, plucked synths, building to a brilliant wall of sound. "Kaleidoscopes and Cathedrals" has a music box quality and the feel of some later Boards of Canada material. "Like Sparks" goes from darkness to blazing fire as a giant wash of shoegaze overpowers quaint IDM tinkerings. "Lights in Mist" has a beat that DoF would be proud of paired with spaced out synth work. The album closes with "Monorail Escape Sequence", a uplifting end to a long journey. Quiet breakbeats make way for big chords in a style that shares similarities with Arovane. Fly high, you've made it.


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