Techno-Релизы    2011    September
[NS036] Tardiss - Death City Able

[NS036] Tardiss - Death City Able

Label: No Source Netlabel
Catalog: NS036
Released: September 2011
Styles: Ambient Downtempo IDM
Size: 28.4 MB

01) Mono Overdrive
02) Read Eye Open Shut
03) Die Starter
04) Rubix
05) Quell

Source's preview
Tardiss are back with five brand new tracks, keeping with the analogue, Boards of Canada quality we all know and love. “Death City Able” is a structured city-scape. Saw-wave synths, downtempo beats and backwards guitars usher in “Mono Overdrive” in a late night cruise through some deserted downtown metropolis. “Red Eye Open Shut” is a short, melodic ambient synth piece. A dream of other worlds before another day in the bustling city. “Die Starter” mixes lo-fi beats, spoken samples and pulsing, rhythmic synths. Death City Able's daily grind. “Rubix”, another short interlude segues right into “Quell”, the EP's finale. This slow, emotional ride pauses to survey the landscape from on high. This landscape is both of reality and of the mind. Death City Able is a refined continuation of their debut “Behind The Blind,” bringing out the more cinematic moments of their music.


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