Techno-Релизы    2011    September
[RT 25] Dot Eat Dot  - Wrong House

[RT 25] Dot Eat Dot - Wrong House

Catalog: RT 25
Released: 12.09.2011
Styles: Techno

1. Dot Eat Dot – Russian Winter [9:51]
2. Dot Eat Dot – In Position [3:25]
3. Dot Eat Dot – Monkey Farm [6:27]
4. Dot Eat Dot – Bathtub Surfer [3:44]
5. Dot Eat Dot – Cheap Vodka [4:40]
6. Dot Eat Dot – Wrong House [5:57]
7. Dot Eat Dot – Scum Market [4:13]
8. Dot Eat Dot – Good Ass Pussy [3:02]
9. Dot Eat Dot – Techno Guy At D’n'B Party [7:48]
10. Dot Eat Dot – Machine Vs. Machine [9:36]

Source's preview
First of all, you need to know that Dot Eat Dot = Tantcui Tantcui = 777minus111 = Maxim Makarenko from Moscow. We’ve had some dirty affairs with him on various compilations on the label before, and we all remember his marvelous free album-statement ‘Minimal Is Dead‘ released on Russian Techno in spring 2010. Now, here are the freshest news! Second full-lenght album, but this time under the ‘Dot Eat Dot’ alias. The work is titled ‘Wrong House’, and it’s really real, just too hot to be heard ;). The material is sometimes minimalistic, sometimes Brighton-influenced, and even ghetto-tech. The sound is raw, the rhythm is funky – a true new-era-techno-punk formula! You can easily follow up the unique style of Maxim, just listen to the new album with attention. But you also can easily put the dancefloor upside down if you’re going to play this at a party. Enjoy the journey into the ‘Wrong House’ by Mr. Dot Eat Dot on Russian Techno. 5/5, a must have for any modern music freak or a DJ!


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