Techno-Релизы    2011    September
[Sadayatana 044] The Woodshed

[Sadayatana 044] The Woodshed

Label: Sadayatana
Catalog: Sadayatana 044
Format: 150kbps MP3
Released: September 2011
Styles: Ambient Drone Experimental Field recordings Podcast
Size: 193.9 MB

00:00 Willie Ross - Whistle o'er the lave o't
00:45 Mystified - Soda Bottle Drone
06:16 Horchata - Crypsis
14:57 Jeff Gburek - Murmurs, Then, Grains Of Drought
20:41 Rene Munoz Cordova - Mundo Real V
26:22 Coeval - I Went To The Woods
32:01 Osoroshisa - Dosei
39:15 Mikra - Real.
42:00 Fosel - Autofac
49:06 Herd - Terminal Window
51:24 Kalte - Harbig-Haro Object
57:37 Jeff Sampson with Mystified - Corpse Raiser
70:14 Obscure Visions - Obscure Visions on Sadayatana [LIVE]
117:19 Sadayatana - Voiceover
120:30 David Velez - Cuatro Horas En El Paramo
126:53 Blackberry - Searching (feat. Spinning Merkaba)
129:37 Giorgos Stefanou - Travelling in Space-Time B
132:09 Rene Munoz Cordova - Ver Hurtam
133:47 Paregorik & Phalanx feat The White Rabbit - City Beam
136:35 Crepusculo - In The Blackhole
145:52 Coeval - La Angostura
149:04 David Velez - Memoria Fragmentada
152:14 Juan Jose Calarco - Limites
154:40 cdrx - Travel by night
157:18 Simon Whetham - Kwai Pontoons
165:42 Sophokles Arvanitis - Soniferous Garden
168:00 Violet - Okraina
174:54 Judith Peacock Cummings - Alasdair Mhic Cholla Ghasda
176:26 Sadayatana - Outro

Source's preview
Another mashup of one of Mystified's drone tunes. This time his soda bottle drone is mixed with an old bagpipe 78. So nice of him to let me abuse his music in this way. It's fun!

Oh man... Fabián Ramírez played live from Mexico City --in his dark ambient incarnation Obscure Visions. Later in the week I stitched in a flac recording of his set that he provided me. Maximum fidelity. Sounds great. This set will be released later on my new Netlabel Buddhist on Fire. Nothing there now but some testing pages and fake content. But this will change in the next few days. Several releases coming, including Shane Morris: "Approaching Singularity", Seetya: "Tagundnachtgleiche", Dan Miñoza: "Winter Kept Us Warm", and Bunk Data & Exuviae: Subseason III. Man, I can't wait. Oh wait, I have already been listening to them. A lot.


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