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[Sadayatana043] This Blue Lawn

[Sadayatana043] This Blue Lawn

Label: Sadayatana
Catalog: Sadayatana043
Format: 146kbps MP3
Released: 03.09.2011
Styles: Ambient Experimental Podcast
Size: 192.7 MB

00:00 Reg, Eva, Mrs. Sikes - Greetings
00:52 Mystified - Satyrs Drone
07:48 Subterrestrial - The Old Water Tank
16:03 James McDougall - Inskip
27:35 Carlos D. Perales - Mystic nits
33:42 Emanuele Costantini - ItaMeda-Milano-AmbienceExtItalyHelicopterFiumeLambro
36:49 Burning Artist - Piano Birds Frozen Fall
40:52 Alan Morse Davies - Nocturne [Grieg] (Mischa Elman & Josef Bonime, 1919)
45:15 Grind Out - Animals
53:54 Grind Out - Porno
57:40 Sadayatana - Intro
61:21 Muied Lumens - Epistelechiton
112:55 Alan Morse Davies - Phonautograph 1860
115:57 Alan Morse Davies - Phonautograph 1859
117:38 Alan Morse Davies - Kvitoya
125:45 Aortha - Their Way
128:19 PlanetTolerance - Planet 2029
132:46 The Unseelie Court - Singularity
135:52 Planet tolerance - Other World
139:13 Grind Out - Horror
140:32 dnp x.citer - intro/chapter alpha (excerpt)
140:55 Grind Out - Lenin at factory
143:06 Kirill Platonkin - Pinewood Spell
149:42 Nata - Stormy Weather
152:27 Alan Morse Davies - Claire de Lune (Hotel Commodore Ensemble, 1927)
169:05 Grind Out - Glitch to Switch
172:42 Hesychia & Infinitum - [child]
176:45 Enrico Caruso - La Donna e Mobile (Verdi From Rigoletto)
178:47 Sadayatana - Voiceover

Source's preview
Starting with a mashup of a new track by Mystified: Satyr's Drone. I paired it with a homemade 78 I found on I think they made it for their loved ones in the war. It's cute but also sounds like the Satyr's of Mystified's track so I went with it. Especially all the laughing.

Then we had a live (with one overdub) performance by Muied Lumens. A track he prepared specially for this show. I had listened to it a couple times in the car --but really didn't get into until I listened to it with headphones. Take my advice and do the same.

I really like the slowed down classical pieces by Alan Morse Davies. I did this myself on a show that was not podcast. With some Bach choral music. It was nice but I got some crap about it in the chatroom. So it was with trepidation that I played these. But they seemed to be loved in the chat. All is well. Enjoy.


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