Techno-Релизы    2011    October
[shhht_12] Great Skies - shhht_12

[shhht_12] Great Skies - shhht_12

Label: Silenced
Catalog: shhht_12
Released: 26.10.2011
Styles: Downtempo Techno

1. prelude 00:50
2. breath in the air 03:34
3. different paths 03:01
4. the ghosts follow us 02:47

Source's preview
This London based producer made me high on melodies. Matthew Wells aka "Great Skies" is only 20 years old and already reinvented the wheel. We've all been there, lost in a landscape of down-tempo beverages. This time however, the ghosts follow us, while we drift through a repetitive environment fueled by spicy beats.
It's as easy and catchy as it is complex and subtle. I'd like it to be played in clubs, on the road and in my living room. Keep an eye on the horizon as we watch out for Great Skies.


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