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[rb100-3] Oskar Hallbert  - Promenader & Utflykter

[rb100-3] Oskar Hallbert - Promenader & Utflykter

Label: Resting Bell
Catalog: rb100-3
Released: October 2011
Styles: Ambient

1. Den smala trbron ver vattnet
2. Grset vxer nnu i juni
3. Jag var mest i vardagsrummet
4. Mossan r hal fast inget regn fallit
5. Han som aldrig sa ngonting
6. Barrskog svept i moln
7. Norrut till mitt berg
8. Gick fem kilometer genom skogen
9. Dystra landsvgar i kvllskylan
10. LoFi-apparaten som spelar orgelmusik om hjrtan…
11. Tankar som inte elektrifierats av strmbrytaren

Source's preview
Resting Bell celebrates the 100th release with a small release-series, consisting of 4 parts.
The third part is done by Oskar Hallbert. He is a Swedish composer who makes minimal music. Tranquil melodies, documentary field recordings and the warm hiss you get from old microphones, casette tapes and an out of date mp3-player.

Oskar's new release is called "Promenader & Utflykter". It is thought as a double CD, all in all with 24 tracks and a playtime of about 42 minutes. Oskar writes beautiful, little miniatures, mostly around two minutes long. All tracks have a pretty rough feeling production-wise. You can hear background noises from the places where he recorded his tracks and there is hisses from old recording equipment. But most importantly you hear wonderful melodies played with various instruments. Just like the cover art, his music always reminds me of an old attic with dust-covered boxes filled with memories, faded photographs and old creacky records.

Thank you Oskar for this wonderful record.


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