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[foot191] Kevin Bryce  - 1+e

[foot191] Kevin Bryce - 1+e

Label: Bump Foot
Catalog: foot191
Format: MP3
Released: 02.10.2011
Styles: Ambient Electronic Chillout
Total time: 26:09
Size: 59.8 MB

The Wind Is Making The Trees Move Again (3:44)
Sports Day (3:50)
Sines (3:53)
4am Sunset (2:28)
Buttered Stairways (4:57)
Ladders (2:30)
Now I Will Destroy The World Again (4:47)

Source's preview
1+e is the first release by Kevin Bryce. It contains ambient tunes with chill-out, maybe suitable for coming season in the northern hemisphere. "This album specifically is focused on my interest in science fiction books and movies", Kevin said. "The process usually starts with a scene from an imaginary movie. Then I try to come up with the soundtrack for that scene. 4am Sunset for instance was a chase scene. All the songs have a specific scene I imagined while making them, although I hope the listeners will come up with their own associations!"


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