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[S27-083] THKAD  - [ROMB]

[S27-083] THKAD - [ROMB]

Label: Section 27
Catalog: S27-083
Released: 16.10.2011
Styles: Electronic Experimental Glitch IDM
Size: 71.4 MB

01. ROMB
02. Dectal
03. Return
04. Hi_zop 3.4
05. 1 D xop
06. O_utro
07. 1 D xop [Mitoma Remix]

Source's preview
Debut release on S27 from Russian artist Victor Piperov, better known as THKAD. This angular piece of work called [ROMB] is crystalline and surgical electronica, the sound of frozen landscapes on an alien planet. The beats are precise, the melodies spiky and some would say that it draws some parallels with a certain Warp Records duo but these tracks hold their own territory without trying to imitate. Closing the release is a stomping bonus remix from our very own Mitoma, who take "1 D xop" to the Industries and replace its heart with electronic components and a militaristic brain. A polished effort from THKAD and we look forward to hearing future experiments. Enjoy.

All tracks written and produced by Victor Piperov
Additional production on "1 D Xop [Mitoma Remix]" by T. Ferrans and A. Paterson


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