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[pn070] Lars from Mars  - Red Stuff

[pn070] Lars from Mars - Red Stuff

Label: Pueblo Nuevo
Catalog: pn070
Format: 320Kbps MP3
Released: 11.10.2011
Styles: Electronic Techno
Total time: 52:39
Size: 203.5 MB

01. Up in Vapors (04:58)
02. Perfect (05:32)
03. Ivory Snow (04:55)
04. Swing Action (04:55)
05. Off The Handle (06:30)
06. Red Stuff (09:03)
07. 349 (05:40)
08. Thrust (05:33)
09. Dear Penguin (05:31)

Source's preview
These realtime works by Lars Graugaard's alter ego Lars from Mars are founded on improvised music and combine sonic imagery from modernistic score music with a deep appreciation for music's power to put the human body into motion.
With strong influences from the dance floor and concert hall alike, each track inevitably seeks out those peak moments of high intensity and complete immersion. Being basically edited real-time performances, Lars uses procedures written into custom computer code to algorithmically render the basic musical ideas and sectional development.
Many procedures and techniques come from academic research into aspects of music that account for generally perceived musical expression and emotion. But they are always applied to flexible and immediately communicative musical action, and this is where the added perspective from composition and performance provide a useful complement for explorations in tight and interwoven rhythms with abstract and torn-up sound worlds.


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