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[S27-082] Syndrm  - Dans Les Terres

[S27-082] Syndrm - Dans Les Terres

Label: Section 27
Catalog: S27-082
Released: October 2011
Styles: Breakbeat Dub Experimental
Size: 79.6 MB

01. Khroma Anormaal Anomaly
02. Dub Manifesto
03. Rizieres
04. Dans L'Ether
05. Desiderata
06. La Constellation
07. Children Grow Everyday
08. Intermezzo
09. Thalweg
10. (Nous Sommes) Les Nomades

Source's preview
Its been a while since we released music by Pavillon36 Recordings founder Syndrm, whose last appearance was way back at [S27-013] with the breakcore/jungle flavoured Sans Titre EP. Since then he has appeared on the three S27 compilations, produces as part of Mayhem Perception (also featured on our [S27-043] Compilation) and released the "Nomades En No Man's Land" album via the Bypass label last year. "Dans Les Terres" picks up where the previous album left off, unlike Sans Titre this release stays away from faster tempos and into some genre bending work that opens with fusing elements of dub, hip-hop, breaks, swaggering basslines, native chants and even borrows from jazz, all put through the spin cycle for 32 minutes. Perfect listening for those who enjoy to light up and bliss out to some blunted beats.


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