Techno-Релизы    2011    October
[bsc_014] Headaches - I Wasn't Born Yesterday

[bsc_014] Headaches - I Wasn't Born Yesterday

Label: Basic Sounds
Catalog: bsc_014
Format: MP3 320Kbps
Released: October 2011
Styles: Ambient


Source's preview
Toronto based Headaches (aka Landon Speers), predominately known for his photography, creates textured visceral soundscapes inspired by film scores and visual music. With a keen sense of space and environment he crafts physically engaging compositions that develop cinematic narratives, evoking listeners to experience a sense of time and place of their own.

I Wasn’t Born Yesterday opens with a dark lo-fi soundscape composed of deep throbbing pulses and distant strings. ‘II’ slowly bleeds in with a looping sentimental piano melody. The composition gradually distorts into some lush digital textures, incorporating nostalgic field recordings, grandeur pulses and crackling backwashes. ‘III’ is a warm inviting child-like trance with playful looping progressions that create feelings of uplifting melancholy. ‘IV’ is a dense immersive composition that integrates mournful strings and submersive beats with muffled background static. Resonating piano melodies from track ‘II’ resurface and shimmer in ‘V,' creating a delicately fading finish. Overall a deeply moving and stunning release."


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