Techno-Релизы    2011    October
[DTMIX031] Saa - Death Techno Mix 031

[DTMIX031] Saa - Death Techno Mix 031

Label: Death Techno
Catalog: DTMIX031
Released: 01.10.2011
Styles: Techno Mix
Total time: 57:09
Size: 131.71 MB

01. PINK FLOYD : bike [Columbia/EMI]
02. MEHATA SENTIMENTAL LEGEND : noum rinsetu-shidare [Unreleased]
03. AEDICULE : bad blood [Unreleased]
04. DAEGON : portal [Android Muziq]
05. ANDRODMAN : cuervos (Minimatronik Remix) [Sonik Boom]
06. AUDIONATICA : tun the line (Sasha Carassi Remix) [Gon]
07. SWAMPMESSIAH : cortex, failing frontal lobe already down [Unreleased]
08. DIBBY DOUGHERTY & DAVID YOUNG : tiger forest [Bedrock]
09. SIAN : sacred geography [Octopus]
10. MAYS & PATRIQUE : labyrinthine (Nicolas Bacher Remix) [NB]
11. SLAM : the tritone [Paragraph]
12. EIHT : behold & see [Android Muziq]
13. ANDERS ILAR : a day ago [Narita]

Source's preview
A friend of DT for sometime and moderator of the best dark dj sets on SoundCloud, Saa created this Death Techno Exclusive with the highest quality and deep understanding of mix making that usually goes unnoticed in the modern music scenes. But this is what we champion and push for, the unusual, the unique, the underground, made for those that want something different, get something different and are blown away beyond what they could ever have expected. Just remember his name...


02.10.2011 20:07

Хороший микс!!! Зачет!!!!

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