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[chase046] Heathcliff Aaldrin - Loophole

[chase046] Heathcliff Aaldrin - Loophole

Label: Chase Records
Catalog: chase046
Format: MP3 320 kbps 
Released: 28.11.2011
Styles: Ambient Electronic
Total time: 57:56
Size: 128.5 MB

01 - Psychoanalyse Of An Ink Subconscious (2:46)
02 - Kind Of Thick Rain, Before Somnolence (6:51)
03 - In A Sink, Ants Eating A Brain (6:48)
04 - Homicide In A Psychiatric Of Corpses (8:47)
05 - Main B Bus Undervolt (11:50)
06 - Sweet Deliverance Into The Abyss (10:59)
07 - Disjoncted Puppet, Drained Of Blood (3:51)
08 - Anxious Lucid Dream (6:04)

Source's preview
This is dark & deep Ambient! With "Loophole", Heathcliff Aaldrin, a only 16 years old french artist, delivers 8 incredibly intense ambient tracks, creating what could be the perfect soundtrack for a journey to ethereal and undiscovered worlds. Some of these works can be labelled as space ambient, taking the listener to distant galaxies.

Some other tracks directly come from the deepest abyss where unknown creatures crouch in the darkness. Finally, the remaining tracks explore the abandoned units of a crumbling asylum. You have been warned, this album is sick! And, damned, its author is only 16 years old! Sick, I've told ya!


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