Techno-Релизы    2011    November
[LCL30] Volfoniq - Ernest

[LCL30] Volfoniq - Ernest

Label: LCL netlabel
Catalog: LCL30
Released: November 2011
Styles: Dub Electronic

1. Bonjour (Volfoniq - Ernest LP) 0.41
2. Autobahn Garten (Volfoniq feat. Tribuman - Ernest LP) 6.07
3. Taiwan Massala (Volfoniq meet KouChouChing & Jambassa - Ernest LP) 4.53
4. Magnesium (Volfoniq feat. Tribuman, Control Tower and Benjamin Leska - Ernest LP) 4.21
5. Hypnos (Volfoniq feat. Jean-Paul Sartre - Ernest LP) 6.32
6. Libre Comme Dub (Volfoniq feat. feat. mildtape & Ebsa - Ernest LP) 4.03
7. Two Step A Dub (Volfoniq meet HotDrop - Ernest LP) 4.52
8. Balkan Banghra (Volfoniq - Ernest LP) 4.49
9. L'amour est enfant Dub (Volfoniq meet Control Tower - Ernest LP) 4.34
10. Memori (Volfoniq feat. Benjamin Leska - Ernest LP) 4.02

Source's preview
This album is dedicated to Ernest, who taught me the art of mind traveling, and how to view without using my eyes. Ernest visited many countries without moving, discovered different cultures, shared knowledge and learned with humility. I did my best to follow in his footsteps and gathered together fragments of my expeditions, compiled in this travel diary that bears his name...


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