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[GREENFIELDS009] b.aTL - Gentle Mind EP

[GREENFIELDS009] b.aTL - Gentle Mind EP

Label: Greenfields
Format: MP3 320 kbps
Released: 21.11.2011
Styles: Electronic Experimental IDM
Total time: 27:29
Size: 51.53 MB

1. b.aTl – Less Than A Rhytm
2. b.aTl – Gentle Mind
3. b.aTl – Cfexp 3Vrsn

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The closing release for 2011 on Greenfields netlabel comes from Aleksandar Baldazarski guised under b.aTL moniker. Living in Skopje, a bachelor of architecture and giving classes in tennis, he uses his spare time mostly as part of the recently emerged IDM laptop quartet Disphilharmonia. This is his debut solo release showcasing his skill of constructing complex glitchy scenarios deeply rooted in the IDM territory.

The opening “Cfexp 3vrsn” is a noisy, semi-conscious arrythmic structure, encapsulated in a sterile metallic sphere trying to find the way out. “Gentle Mind” has more classic IDM approach resembling Autechre’s “Tri Repetae” with its relentless beat but not failing to add his own signature of bleepy details and small melodies boiling up and down throughout the whole release. “Less than a Rhytm” has a menacing bassline and a beat slightly shifted off the usual quantisation grid, floating in a conspirative environment of distant ring modulated nonsense, drone ambivalence and machines sporadically breathing in your neck.

Fans of everyone from Autechre, Warp Records, Skam to Mille Plateaux should love this!

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