Techno-Релизы    2011    November
[SP11] Spiral Dub - Perception

[SP11] Spiral Dub - Perception

Catalog: SP11
Format: MP3 320 kbps 
Released: November 2011
Styles: Dub-Techno

01 - Clandestine
02 - Feedback Control
03 - Perception
04 - Feedback Control (Havantepe Version)

Source's preview
With "Perception" we welcome Spiral Dub on the label... Bearing strong electronic dub influences, this ep is a natural evolution from the sound of his first ep on Insectorama into a more uptempo and Detroit influenced production style.

Clandestine sets the tone for the rest of the release, with very sharp and edgy sounds, a thumping kick drum and bassline combo and a classic techno-ish hook that simply won't leave your mind. The reduced chord sounds of the intro slowly morph into longer shapes, eventually transforming into a superb melodic pattern as the track evolves, with high pitched chords contrasting with slower-moving pads, creating an extremely well-balanced dynamic of sounds.

Continuing on this uplifting vibe, Feedback Control takes over with a very soothing combo of a slow-attack chord and an almost 303-ish bassline bubbling in the foreground. Like the first track, the sounds constantly evolve to form increasingly complex rhythmic patterns, with a deeply nuanced understanding of delay placement and chord progression.

Perception, although not immediately obvious, is slightly darker than the other two cuts, starting on a slower, heavier note with again a very visceral acid-like bassline, it takes its time to tell us its story. Though it may just be the most dancefloor oriented cut on this release, as it keeps building tension, playing with filters, adding layers of percussions. Never quite reaching the climax, it makes it a perfect track to build a set upon.

Dub techno-master Havantepe then closes the ep with a superb reinterpretation of Feedback Control, taking his very own spin on the elements of the original track, keeping the acid bass and adding some elements of his own. Holding the remix together is an organ-like pad and delay feedback of an alien origin, keeping a feeling of pressure throughout, a keen sense of arrangements and a deadly precision for crafting sounds which just feel right.


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