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[MFH003] Redgloam - Painted Red EP

[MFH003] Redgloam - Painted Red EP

Catalog: MFH003
Released: 05.05.2011
Styles: Downtempo Electronic

01. Redgloam - Your mind is another dimension
02. Redgloam - Painted red
03. Redgloam - Beyond the veil
04. Redgloam - Floating
05. Redgloam - Painted red (Noun's paintbrush remix)

Source's preview
Opens this release is the first track, entitled "Your mind is another dimension". It contains a puff and powerful beats, plus a little scratches and micro-clips. Uncomplicated melody in the background. All this is blended into the overall picture ... what happens in the end? Another dimension? Perhaps, yes.

The second track, which gave its name to this release, called "Painted Red".
Glitch-sounds, dark corridors, robotic effects, echo-shaped grooves on the edges ...
And what kind of atmosphere ... mmm ... Immediately imagines an industrial area in some small abandoned town...

The next track (and third) shows us that all the same beyond the veil of this city? By the way, it is called. "Beyond the veil."
And there lies indescribably beautiful picture, which consists of smoky pads, light melodic percussion, and beats easy with a bright digital echoes ...

"Floating". That is the name of the fourth track on this release.
We swim through the waves of beautiful tunes and light, bright beats. Sunlight and water. Nothing more.

+Bonus =)

The fifth track is remix of "Painted red" by Noun.

Nothing to say. Listen and enjoy!


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