Techno-Релизы    2011    May
[foot177] Noisesurfer  - Dish Forest

[foot177] Noisesurfer - Dish Forest

Label: Bump Foot
Catalog: foot177
Format: MP3
Released: 22.05.2011
Styles: Ambient Electronic Noise
Total time: 55:37
Size: 128 MB

Sintro (1:59)
Schmooties (5:08)
Endorphines (5:44)
Underplanet (5:43)
Dub Clercks (1:37)
Ambient Drone Focus (4:30)
Jjungle Break (4:26)
Darkness Response (4:56)
Intensive (4:39)
Dead City Explorer (4:46)
Rephlex (3:44)
Dish Forest (8:23)

Source's preview
Noisesurfer takes his inspiration about world state, creating a strange paradise into the darkness, a perfect place for soundscapes and far away minds to reality for a while. 12 songs ranging from ambient, acid, breaks, to IDM. This album is a journey to the sounds until find the way to peaceland.


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