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[sadayatana podcast #28] The Baby Is Mental

[sadayatana podcast #28] The Baby Is Mental

Label: Sadayatana
Catalog: sadayatana podcast #28
Format: 152kbps MP3
Released: 20.05.2011
Styles: Soundscapes Field recordings Podcast
Size: 196.8 MB

00:00 Luís Antero - Water
02:44 Sadayatana - Intro
04:03 Ubeboet -Calarco - Reche - Biesi
23:14 Bluedark - Fragment of things beyound the waking world
30:32 Luís Antero - Wind
33:13 Bluedark - The old ship under the ground
41:36 Luís Antero - Birds
44:07 Mortesium - Dream state
49:51 Leonardo Rosado - Rebuilding The Dream
53:12 Aeterna Anima - Reburn Fire
57:39 Sadayatana - Voiceover
61:42 Erratic - Presence
114:44 Crepusculo - Nucleocosmochronology
126:22 Sadayatana - Voiceover
128:19 Mortesium - The Sleeper Awakens
134:19 Sepulcrum Spei - Hiemis Memoriae
140:48 Fornax - Alien Artifact
147:34 Luca Nasciuti - Pan
161:24 Red Fog - Arctic Neon
173:18 Luís Antero - Frogs
176:03 Son Clair - Bell Ringers (Before a Wedding)
178:08 Sadayatana - Outro

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Played some longer tracks tonight. More so than usual. At least lately. 2 of them comprising almost half of the show. It's more of a listen while snoozing or dozing type set this time. Hey I need some of those too. Careful though, it can still give you nightmares about giant spiders.

Some field recordings from Luis Antero's new release "Life" on Audio Gourmet Netlabel. Good stuff. I bet he has been bitten by more bugs than I have while out in the field recording stuff. Oh man I got attacked by ants so bad the last time I have not been out since. Maybe tonight --bad weather out there somewhere...

This podcast dedicated to Dean Richard's (Disturbed Earth) mother Melva Richards, who had surgery yesterday. Say a prayer for her. Thank you.


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